NCAR-RAP Real-Time Weather Data

Output produced by METARs form (17 December 2018  14:44 UTC)
found at
RJOB 171200Z 26004KT 9999 FEW015 SCT070 03/02 Q1014
RJOB 171100Z 24005KT 9999 FEW015 SCT070 03/01 Q1013
RJOB 171000Z 25006KT 9999 FEW015 SCT050 BKN070 05/02 Q1013
RJOB 170900Z 24005KT 9999 FEW020 SCT045 BKN070 04/01 Q1012
RJOB 170800Z 27009KT 9999 FEW025 SCT070 07/M00 Q1012
RJOB 170700Z 30008KT 260V360 9999 FEW025 08/01 Q1011
RJOB 170600Z 30012G22KT 260V350 9999 FEW020 SCT070 09/02 Q1010
RJOB 170500Z 30005KT 240V350 9999 FEW020 SCT030 BKN045 09/04 Q1010
RJOB 170400Z 31008KT 260V360 9999 FEW020 BKN030 BKN040 09/06 Q1010
RJOB 170300Z 28009KT 230V310 9999 FEW020 SCT030 BKN045 09/05 Q1011
RJOB 170200Z 26007KT 220V290 9999 FEW015 BKN050 10/06 Q1012
RJOB 170100Z 28005KT 9999 PRFG FEW000 SCT040 BKN060 07/06 Q1012
RJOB 170000Z VRB01KT 9999 PRFG FEW000 SCT050 07/05 Q1012
RJOB 162300Z VRB02KT 9999 PRFG FEW000 05/05 Q1011
RJOB 162200Z 32003KT 290V350 9999 PRFG FEW000 BKN040 05/04 Q1011
RJOB 162115Z 25003KT 210V280 9999 PRFG FEW000 SCT040 03/03 Q1011 RMK 1ST000 4CU040 A2987 FG NE-SE
RJOB 161218Z 35007KT 7000 -SHRA PRFG FEW000 SCT008 BKN020 06/06 Q1015 RMK 1ST000 3ST008 5CU020 A2999 FG NE-E
RJOB 161200Z 34007KT 5000 -SHRA BR BCFG FEW000 BKN008 BKN020 06/06 Q1015
RJOB 161137Z 34008KT 310V010 5000 -SHRA BR BCFG FEW000 BKN007 BKN025 06/06 Q1015 RMK 1ST000 5ST007 6CU025 A3000 FG NE-E AND SW
RJOB 161124Z 35006KT 320V020 5000 -SHRA BR BCFG FEW000 BKN005 BKN025 06/06 Q1015 RMK 1ST000 5ST005 6CU025 A3000 FG NE-E AND SW
RJOB 161100Z 00000KT 5000 -RA BR PRFG FEW000 BKN007 BKN025 06/06 Q1015
RJOB 161038Z VRB01KT 5000 -RA BR PRFG FEW000 BKN006 BKN030 06/06 Q1016 RMK 1ST000 5ST006 6CU030 A3000 FG NE-E
RJOB 161000Z VRB01KT 5000 -RA BR PRFG FEW000 SCT007 BKN035 06/05 Q1016
RJOB 160900Z 07005KT 7000 -RA PRFG FEW000 SCT030 BKN040 06/05 Q1016
RJOB 160800Z 08004KT 7000 -RA PRFG FEW000 SCT030 BKN040 06/05 Q1017
RJOB 160700Z VRB01KT 7000 -RA FEW010 SCT030 BKN040 07/05 Q1018
RJOB 160600Z VRB01KT 9999 -RA FEW015 SCT035 BKN050 07/04 Q1019
RJOB 160500Z 06005KT 030V110 9999 -RA FEW015 BKN050 08/03 Q1019
RJOB 160400Z 06003KT 020V110 9999 FEW010 BKN045 07/02 Q1020
RJOB 160300Z 08004KT 020V160 9999 FEW015 SCT050 BKN120 08/03 Q1021
RJOB 160200Z 05004KT 010V110 9999 FEW015 SCT045 BKN120 06/02 Q1023
RJOB 160100Z 06005KT 9999 FEW015 BKN120 05/02 Q1023
RJOB 160000Z VRB02KT 9999 FEW015 SCT/// 04/01 Q1023
RJOB 151200Z 05004KT 9999 FEW020 BKN/// 02/M02 Q1028
RJOB 151100Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW020 BKN/// 03/M01 Q1028
RJOB 151000Z 05003KT 9999 FEW025 SCT040 04/M01 Q1028
RJOB 150900Z 05004KT 9999 FEW025 04/M01 Q1028
RJOB 150800Z 06006KT 9999 FEW025 SCT045 05/M01 Q1027
RJOB 150700Z 36004KT 330V050 9999 FEW025 BKN045 07/M01 Q1028
RJOB 150600Z 01005KT 330V050 9999 FEW025 BKN045 08/M02 Q1027
RJOB 150500Z VRB03KT 9999 FEW025 SCT035 BKN050 08/M01 Q1027
RJOB 150400Z 06005KT 350V110 9999 FEW025 BKN035 07/00 Q1028
RJOB 150300Z 32007KT 250V060 9999 FEW025 SCT035 08/M00 Q1028