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Contour maps

  - Temperature
  - Moisture (dewpoint)
  - Winds/Sea-Level Pressure
  - 4-panel plot
  - Theta-E
  - 24-hour Precipitation
  - U.S. Snow Depth (Air Force)
  - N. Hemi Snow Depth (Air Force)
  - U.S. Snow Cover (NOAA-NESDIS)
  - N. Hemi Snow Cover (NOAA-NESDIS)
Local Weather

  - NCAR's Foothills Lab
  - NCAR's Mesa Lab
  - CYS, WY supercomputer facility
  - C.U.-Boulder
  - CoCoRaHS
Surface plots from other internet sources


  - Adjusted altimeter
  - Unisys
  - Environment Canada
  - Florida State Univ
  - Utah mesonet
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