NCAR-RAP Real-Time Weather Data

Output produced by METARs form (08 May 2021  17:10 UTC)
found at
KCVG 081652Z 31006KT 10SM FEW045 FEW150 12/00 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP204 T01170000 $
KCVG 081552Z 34008KT 10SM FEW035 SCT150 11/01 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP207 T01110006 $
KCVG 081452Z 32008KT 10SM FEW025 FEW130 10/01 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP206 T01000011 51014 $
KCVG 081352Z 33005KT 10SM FEW130 08/02 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP206 T00830017 $
KCVG 081252Z 34007KT 10SM FEW130 07/01 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP200 T00670011 $
KCVG 081152Z 33005KT 10SM CLR 05/01 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP194 70024 T00500011 10072 20022 51019 $
KCVG 081052Z 29004KT 10SM CLR 03/00 A3009 RMK AO2 SLP189 T00280000 $
KCVG 080952Z 33007KT 10SM CLR 03/00 A3007 RMK AO2 SLP182 T00330000 $
KCVG 080852Z 31006KT 10SM CLR 03/00 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP174 T00330000 53009 $
KCVG 080752Z 32006KT 10SM CLR 05/01 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP167 T00500006 $
KCVG 080652Z 31007KT 10SM CLR 06/01 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP165 T00560011 $
KCVG 080552Z 34007KT 10SM CLR 07/03 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP163 60023 T00720028 10106 20067 51012 $
KCVG 080452Z 35008KT 10SM FEW055 08/04 A3001 RMK AO2 SLP160 T00830039 401720056 $
KCVG 080352Z 35008KT 10SM BKN044 BKN060 09/07 A2999 RMK AO2 RAE0256 SLP154 P0000 T00940067 $
KCVG 080252Z 34009KT 10SM -RA SCT039 BKN046 OVC055 10/07 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP150 P0008 60023 T01000072 53011 $
KCVG 080152Z 20007KT 9SM -RA FEW049 BKN060 OVC075 09/07 A2993 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SE RAB0059 TSB0059E39 SLP136 WSHFT 0103 TS MOV SE P0014 T00940072 $
KCVG 080148Z 20007KT 9SM -RA BKN060 OVC075 09/07 A2993 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT E AND SE RAB0059 TSB0059E39 WSHFT 0103 TS MOV SE P0014 $
KCVG 080139Z 22005KT 10SM VCTS -RA SCT034 BKN060 OVC075 09/07 A2994 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT E-S RAB0059 TSB0059E39 WSHFT 0103 OCNL LTGIC DSNT SE TS MOV SE P0013 T00940067 $
KCVG 080123Z 00000KT 5SM TSRA BR BKN036CB BKN043 OVC070 10/08 A2994 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SW RAB0059 TSB0059 WSHFT 0103 OCNL LTGCC S TS S-SW MOV SE P0012 T01000078 $
KCVG 080116Z 31003KT 2 1/2SM +TSRA BR SCT042CB OVC055 10/08 A2996 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SW RAB0059 TSB0059 WSHFT 0103 FRQ LTGCCCGIC SW TS OHD-SW MOV SE P0002 T01000078 $
KCVG 080110Z 34012G18KT 8SM -TSRA SCT042CB OVC055 10/08 A2996 RMK AO2 RAB0059 TSB0059 PRESRR WSHFT 0103 FRQ LTGCCCGIC SW-W TS SW-W MOV SE P0001 T01000078 $
KCVG 080100Z 28004KT 10SM -TSRA FEW046CB BKN065 BKN090 10/07 A2993 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT W RAB0059 TSB0059 OCNL LTGCC W TS W-NW MOV SE P0000 T01000072 $
KCVG 080052Z 18005KT 10SM FEW046 BKN065 BKN090 10/07 A2992 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT W RAB2355E48 SLP130 OCNL LTGIC DSNT NW CB DSNT W-NW P0001 T01000072 $
KCVG 072352Z 24003KT 10SM FEW049 SCT065 OVC095 11/07 A2994 RMK AO2 RAE34 SLP139 VCSH E AND NW BINOVC P0001 60001 T01060072 10172 20106 58005
KCVG 072252Z 26014G24KT 10SM -RA OVC055 13/04 A2997 RMK AO2 RAB21 SLP147 VIS LWR S-SW P0000 T01280044
KCVG 072152Z 23009KT 10SM FEW045 FEW090 SCT160 BKN250 15/03 A2994 RMK AO2 SLP137 T01500028
KCVG 072052Z 19008KT 10SM FEW050 FEW095 FEW200 15/04 A2996 RMK AO2 RAB17E31 SLP144 GRDL WSHFT 2020 TCU DSNT SE P0000 60000 T01500044 56023
KCVG 071952Z 27010KT 10SM FEW060 BKN100 BKN200 17/02 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP149 VIRGA NE AND SW MDT CU NE-E T01670017
KCVG 071852Z 28009KT 10SM SCT055 SCT110 BKN250 16/03 A3000 RMK AO2 SLP157 VIRGA S MDT CU NW-N T01610033
KCVG 071752Z 26007KT 10SM FEW045 SCT060 BKN070 15/02 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP166 T01500022 10156 20061 58008
KCVG 071652Z 27012KT 10SM SCT040 BKN050 14/04 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP174 T01390044
KCVG 071552Z COR VRB06KT 10SM FEW035 14/04 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP174 T01390044
KCVG 071452Z 31004KT 10SM CLR 12/04 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP176 T01170039 51006
KCVG 071352Z 29005KT 10SM FEW070 09/04 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP176 T00940044
KCVG 071252Z 30006KT 10SM FEW009 SCT075 BKN095 08/04 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP176 T00780044
KCVG 071241Z 31004KT 8SM SCT009 BKN095 08/04 A3005 RMK AO2 T00780044
KCVG 071152Z 30006KT 6SM BR BKN008 06/04 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP170 BKN V SCT 60002 70019 T00610039 10089 20056 53017
KCVG 071052Z 30008KT 5SM BR OVC008 06/04 A3001 RMK AO2 SLP161 BINOVC T00560039
KCVG 071023Z 30009KT 6SM BR OVC009 06/04 A3000 RMK AO2 T00560039
KCVG 070952Z 29006KT 5SM BR BKN012 06/04 A3000 RMK AO2 SLP158 T00560039
KCVG 070912Z 30010KT 7SM BKN014 06/04 A2999 RMK AO2 T00610044
KCVG 070852Z 31009KT 7SM SCT015 07/04 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP152 60002 T00670044 55001
KCVG 070752Z 32011KT 8SM FEW012 SCT030 08/06 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP147 T00830056
KCVG 070706Z 32011KT 8SM SCT021 OVC030 09/07 A2997 RMK AO2 T00890067
KCVG 070652Z 32013KT 8SM SCT009 BKN021 OVC032 09/07 A2997 RMK AO2 RAE24 SLP148 P0002 T00890067
KCVG 070626Z 30007KT 10SM BKN008 BKN036 OVC043 09/07 A2998 RMK AO2 RAE24 P0002 T00890072
KCVG 070623Z 30008KT 10SM -RA SCT008 BKN035 OVC043 09/07 A2998 RMK AO2 P0002 T00890072
KCVG 070552Z 30009KT 10SM -RA FEW017 BKN034 OVC050 09/07 A2999 RMK AO2 RAB21 CIG 029 36R SLP152 P0000 60017 T00890072 10144 20083 56009
KCVG 070452Z 27007KT 10SM SCT038 BKN046 08/07 A2999 RMK AO2 SLP155 T00830067 401780039
KCVG 070352Z 25003KT 10SM OVC047 09/07 A3000 RMK AO2 RAE23 SLP156 P0003 T00890072
KCVG 070252Z 27005KT 10SM -RA FEW026 BKN038 OVC055 09/07 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP162 P0011 60014 T00940072 51010
KCVG 070249Z 28005KT 10SM -RA FEW025 BKN038 OVC055 09/07 A3002 RMK AO2 P0010
KCVG 070228Z 29008KT 4SM RA BR FEW012 BKN028 OVC041 09/08 A3002 RMK AO2 P0009 T00940078
KCVG 070152Z 29008KT 5SM RA BR OVC048 11/09 A3001 RMK AO2 SLP161 P0003 T01060089
KCVG 070052Z 32008KT 10SM -RA OVC060 12/07 A2999 RMK AO2 SLP152 P0000 T01220072
KCVG 062352Z 34004KT 10SM -RA OVC070 14/06 A2998 RMK AO2 RAB46 SLP150 P0000 60000 T01440056 10178 20139 57011
KCVG 062252Z 28007KT 10SM FEW060 BKN085 OVC100 14/04 A2999 RMK AO2 SLP155 T01440044
KCVG 062152Z 23004KT 10SM FEW055 BKN070 OVC250 16/04 A3000 RMK AO2 RAE04B33E43 SLP158 P0000 T01560044
KCVG 062052Z 32006KT 10SM -RA OVC060 16/03 A3001 RMK AO2 RAB11 SLP162 PCPN VRY LGT P0000 60000 T01560033 56020
KCVG 061952Z 00000KT 10SM FEW060 OVC085 16/03 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP165 VIRGA ALQDS T01610033
KCVG 061852Z VRB03KT 10SM FEW060 BKN090 OVC250 17/03 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP172 T01670028
KCVG 061752Z 19004KT 10SM FEW055 SCT180 SCT300 16/04 A3007 RMK AO2 SLP181 T01610039 10178 20067 58025